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Sidhu’s Taekwon Do Academy is dedicated to the highest quality of Martial arts training. We are committed to providing the very best service to all of our students. We build confidence through achievement and our students also benefit from building positive relationships with fellow students on their journey to black belt and beyond. We teach a traditional ITF syllabus with modern training methods enabling our students to learn a realistic self-defence in exciting and fun classes

Sidhu’s Taekwon Do Academy is a family run club between brother and sisters Gav, Prit and Gurlaine Sidhu. Together they possess over 50 years experience in practising Taekwon Do and still undergo regular intensive training sessions every week with Grand Master Choi Trevor Nicholls in London.

All three compete nationally and internationally and have travelled the world representing England including South Korea, Czech Republic, Italy, Argentina, Croatia, Spain and many more.

Prit is the current World Silver Medallist, Gurlaine is the reigning European Champion & Gav was recently selected as the adult men’s England coach. They will all be travelling with the national team to the European championships later this summer in Moldova.


Here at STA, we push hard on instilling discipline and respect in our students and pride ourselves on a well-run, professional and very much family orientated club. Every session is both enjoyable & demanding with parents welcome to watch their child progress through each session.

The club runs throughout the year with no breaks for Easter, Half Term, End of Term, Christmas or New Year.

The Sidhu’s are wholly passionate in producing the next crop of Taekwon Do talent and demand only one thing from any student who joins – their 100%.

Joining package includes free dobok & belt, free membership & insurance as well as unlimited lessons for one month!

For more information and for your free trial session, please contact 07956 686 936 or email

Through the UK ITF we are recognised by the National Governing Body for Taekwon Do in the UK, the British Taekwon Do Council (BTC), which provides our members with insurance and also implements a child protection policy. All instructors are CRB checked and hold first aid certificates

Taekwon Do…

Taekwon Do involves mental training and the practising of techniques of self defence purposes. As well as focusing on improving the health of the student. Taekwon Do involves the skilled application of kicks, punches, blocks and dodges to the maximum destruction of the moving opponent or opponents.

Tae: Stands for jumping or flying, to kick or smash with the foot

Kwon: Denotes fist, to punch or destroy with the fist

Do: The way of the art

Taekwon do: Is the way of the foot & hand